Hi! I’m Michael Gusky. 

I am a seasoned business leader and entrepreneur with 20+ years of leadership experience.  Utilizing a bias to success, continuous learning and just plain hard work, my teams and I have driven 100’s of millions in efficiency savings, cost reductions, and inventory reductions for various employers over the years. As a “window-mirror” leader I always look out the window to my team and colleagues that have helped with those successes while always looking in the mirror when things don’t go as planned. From those experiences, I have learned that the journey is just as important as the goal. This is where my philosophy and continued search for ways of  living a life that is balanced comes from.

I am the author of Joysetting, a guide, planner, and journal meant to shift your focus to the journey vs. the goal. I invite you to check it out! I think of myself more as a curator, lifelong learner, and a self admitted workaholic in search of balance and JOY in my journey.

How I Can Help You Live A More Balanced Life

I am a firm believer that small actions lead to big changes. Things just don’t happen overnight. It takes time and commitment to make them happen. In search of a balanced life, you must be able to embrace change and the idea that you will never reach perfection.

The main question you should ask yourself is: “How can I live a more balanced life that is also fulfilling?”

With that being said, my writing explores topics such as:

  • How to make progress on your JOYs
  • How to practice gratitude everyday
  • How to move past limiting beliefs and create new realities

These are just a few of the topics I write about on a weekly basis and I like sharing them with you. I do realize there are many ideas and opinions in the world but I believe we can all contribute our piece of the pie to create a more united society. To learn more about my ideas, you can start by reading my articles or go check out my book.