The joy of reading a book is something that few people understand and I know you must be one of those people. Being able to share my work with others gives me a sense of connection so I hope you find that feeling within my work.

Joysetting: A Journal, Planner, & Guide To Seeking A Balanced Life

Joysetting is a guide, planner, and journal meant to shift your focus to the journey vs. the goal. Based on 3 main elements of Awareness, Focus, & Flexibility this planner guides you through a process of self-exploration to identify where you may be out of balance and a plan to course correct. Awareness: you will be guided through each step of taking inventory of your current balance and identifying goals (aka joys) to improve that balance. Focus: a guide and worksheets to plan your weeks and days based on those joys, starting each day with gratitude. Flexibility: grid lined pages for you to journal and clear your mind as well as create anything else you feel is important to your journey without the dogma and structure of most journals and planners. Grab a copy for a friend and share your journeys together! Join the Joysetting group to share and learn from each other.